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Things To Do in Ranthambore

Ranthambore Fort Visit

Ranthambore Fort is beautifully standing on the rocky hills of the Ranthambore National Park. This beautifully structured fort was constructed in 944 A.D. by a Chauhan ruler. This fort was gifted by Mughals to the King of Jaipur in the 17th century. The infrastructure of the fort is marked by various Jain and Hindu temples and a mosque. Ranthambore fort is considered one of the strongest forts in Northern India. Inside the fort you can see many buildings and many of them has been ruined at the time of wars. But still you can visit Badal Mahal, two pavilions, Hammirs court and a royal palace. Existence of two water reservoirs supplies water to the entire fort. Lord Ganesha temple, the religious site of Hindus is also situated here which is mostly visited in the month August-September by devotees during Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

Birding In Ranthambore

If the terrain of Ranthambore National Park is the occupancy of tigers, then the branches of vulnerable trees are the dwelling place of colorful birds, which never let to shrink the beauty of the mass woodland. Holding up of more than 300 resident and migratory birds species in this forest always sings a variety of songs and invites the tourist and ornithologists to know their life story in a better way. Each and every activity of birds like eating, singing, fighting and way of talking inspires the photographers to take the best shots in their film. Therefore, most of the naturalists want to indulge in bird watching during their tour to Ranthambore National Park.

Alongside of water bodies are the hot-spots for bird watching. Some renowned bird watching places of Ranthambore are Malik Talao, Padam Talao, Ranthambore Fort, the Jhalra area and Raj bagh Talao, where you can watch a wide variety of birds like Painted Francolin, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Eagles, Darters, Black Francolin, Dove, Crakes, Great Crested Grebe, Greylag Goose, Northern Pintail, Egrets, Herons, Treepie and many more. With the help of a guide you can best explore some unseen bird species at Ranthambore National Park, enjoying Jeep Safari.

Ranthambore Safari

No wildlife tour can be completed without experiencing Jeep and elephant safari at Ranthambore National Park. Both are unique mode of transportation, which drives you close to the wildlife of the park. Jeeps are passes through some thick routes, where tiger spotting are almost guaranteed. These safaris are available only for a specific time and it travels on a particular route from where wildlife can be best explored. During winter, from October to April Ranthambore gets a huge crowd every year because it is the time when tourist can best spotted out the endangered and rare animals of the National Park.

Winter Timings

Summer Timings

Entry : -

Entry :-

Morning Safari: 0730 hrs

Morning Safari: 0630 hrs

Evening Safari: 1500 hrs

Evening Safari: 1600 hrs

Exit: -


Morning Safari: 1030 hrs

Morning Safari: 0930 hrs

Evening Safari: 1730 hrs

Evening Safari: 1800 hrs

Ranthambhore Alternative Excursions

Balas Mansingh Sanctuary ( By Jeep With English Speaking Guide )

UP to 05 Pax


Journey by Jeep approx 12.K.M. to the outskirts of Sawai Madhopur City and into the countryside of the Aravalli Range. As the jeep Climbs the Steep rocky countryside, glimpse the Sambhar deer. Indian Gazelle. Blue Bull ( Nilgai),roaming the hillside. The area is also one of the best habitats in the area for the Leopard -as it stalks its prey or simply Walks to the waterhole, listen to the alarm calls of the deer. Antelope of this beautiful animal ,this is also a bird -lovers paradise with many rare species including the honey Buzzard ,the Indian Coarser ,the Indian Sand Grouse and the nocturnal Night Jarto name but a few,

Kundal Sanctuary ( By Jeep or canter With English Speaking Guide )

UP to 05 Pax


This Sanctuary is situated in the buffer Zone of Ranthambhore National Park and offers all the attractions of the main park area. Here guest will have the opportunity of sightings of Sambhar Deer. Indian Gazelle . Blue Bull ( Nilgai),Spotted Deer, Langhur Monkey. Sloth Bear and many birds, This area also boosts several Leopards and if you are very lucky the king of the jungle -the tiger may well wander by

Black Buck at Devpura Village. ( By Jeep With English Speaking Guide )

UP to 05 Pax


Half day safari with naturalist to the village of Devpura apporx.25 Kms and 35 minutes drive away known for viewing Black Bucks in the mustard fields, These majestic antelope are note found in the park ,preferring to roam the planes of the farm land

Mansrover/Surwal Lake ( For Birding ) (By Jeep With English Speaking Guide)

UP to 05 Pax


Half day safari with Naturalist to Mansrover Lake for bird watching with the apportunity to see same rare and migratory birds from around the world. The lake is approximately 40 Kms and 1 Hours driving distance away

Amlidea & Banas River (Per jeep)

UP to 05 Pax


Full day drive by jeep with naturalist to Amlidea and Banas River. Travel through thr remote areas of Rajasthan stopping briefly on route to see Fruit Bats hanging in the tree in the rural villages, Drive by 4X4 across the river bed and through the pumpkin fields to the camp. Here you will have the opportunity to simply relax, take a guide nature walk or river trip to see the many birds and crocodiles that live by the rivers edge. Alternatively camel cart rides are available along the sandy river bed. packed lunch will be provided by Hotel

Ranthambhore Fort ( with English speaking Guide )

UP to 05 Pax


By Exclusive Canter


Local City Tour- with guide ( 3 Hrs)

UP to 05 Pax


By Exclusive Canter


Travel from your Hotel and take a ride around the old & new City areas of Sawai Madhopur and take in the sights and sounds of the local markets, Chamatkar Temple at Alanpur Village, then on to the famous Kala Gora Temple in SWM old city area .visit the market to browse for perfumes and wooden toys. both traditional souvenirs, from this area of Rajasthan

Chambal River ( for Crocodile & alligator sightings (with English speaking Guide)

UP to 05 Pax


Full day trip to the Chambal River for crocodile and alligator. Sighting, traveling approx.25 Kms through local villages. taking in the scenery of the surrounding area .

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