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Weather and clothing Information of Ranthambore

Weather and clothing Information of Ranthambore

Weather and clothing Information of Ranthambore

Ranthambore national park has typically dry sub tropical climate and has extreme variations in terms of temperature in different seasons and time of year. Weather of ranthambore national park can be classified in 3 categories, summers, monsoons and winters.

Summers April, May and June

Monsoons July, August and September

Winters November, December, January and February

October and March can be seen as transitional months where the weather changes from monsoon to winter and winter to summer respectively. Weather in these months remain pleasant.

In the summers month in Ranthambore national park, expect extreme hot temperatures and the maximum temperature crosses 40 degree centigrade in the afternoons with the flow of hot air and the lowest would go around 30 degrees in the night. In winters the minimum temperature can dip below 10 degree centigrade and maximum temperature in the afternoon can be close to 25 degree centigrade. Monsoons can  be considered as pleasant in terms of temperature but one can expect the air to be humid and intermittent showers on almost a daily basis. Ranthambore area records good annual rainfall during monsoons.

Appropriate clothing for different seasons in Ranthambore National Park

Summers Important to carry Hats / Caps and sunglasses for protection from sun and light colored cotton clothes are recommended. For those traveling from relatively cold areas suns screen is also recommended.

Winters you can expect morning safaris in winters to be extremely cold and warm full sleeves jackets and protection from cold is highly recommended.

Monsoons In monsoons expect showers now and then in a day and it is recommended to carry raincoats and umbrellas in the monsoons.

In general sports shoes, camera, bandana are recommended for all seasons.


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